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Building interactive Public Art pieces in Amsterdam this Holiday season

I stepped out of my comfort zone this Holiday season and travelled to Amsterdam to install a Public art piece I created with Reanna Niceforo. I have done many installations of work I have created but this was the first truly interactive non commercial project of this scale I had attempted to construct and we were installing it in Amsterdam for a popular light festival that gets thousands of visitors a night

We created an interactive public art piece using infra red lighting, an augmented camera and a photograph I shot of a Japanese snow bell in Niagara falls to create an engaging and inspiring public art piece. We used software called Isadora to animate the tree and make it react to the viewers moves, a large 13000 lumen Sanyo projector and 60/40 perforated window film to create the window projection surface. The booth is 5 x 5 ft by 10 ft tall to the bottom of the projector (we raised the projector that hight to reduce the amount of shadow cast by people walking by the art piece) Thank you to Ryan Webber for programming Isadora for this project.

When you stand in our booth and face the projection of the snow bell tree, it will see you and dace back interpreting your dance moves into movements the tree can duplicate. The tree will dance differently for each person as it is interpreting the moves of that person.

The art piece is still on display until mid january at the Hortus in Amsterdam and we are hoping to tour this art piece to a few more festivals in 2017.If you are in Amsterdam this January check out all the amazing art at the Festival at

I am so happy with the outcome of this public art piece, I spent a few evenings watching families and individuals enjoying our art piece and connecting with the piece and I feel our first endeavour into interactive public art was a success. I look forward to working on many more public art pieces in the future for festivals and corporate clients.

If you are interested in having us create a interactive artwork piece for your company or festival please contact Phil Sutherland at 416 895 9614.

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