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Dancing with Trees

2016-2017 Amsterdam Light Festival

This Artwork was presented by: The Amsterdam Light Festival. The location was inside The Hortus Botanicus, a botanical garden in Amsterdam founded in 1638. The Tree was projected onto The Three Climate Greenhouse. An audience member, standing in a specified location, shared their movements with the projected tree. The installation ran for a month, (Dec 9 to Jan 9) every evening. For the duration of the festival The Hortus Botanicus was free to the public as part of the Festivals Illuminade Walking Route.


This project was imagined in response the concept of BIOMIMICRY.

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges, by emulating nature's patterns and strategies. 

Artist Statement

An emotional and spiritual connection with nature creates the foundation for a sustainable future. When someone feels connected to their environment they are more inclined to care

CV - Phil Sutherland


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2011-present -Founder of West Toronto Photography GroupOver-seeing of projects and lessons for the group, including; Photography, art direction, and execution.

2010-present - Owner / Operator of Revprint Studio 205

2015-16 - Co owner / Operator of The Production Studio

Teaching - Phil Sutherland has instructed over 700 photography lighting workshops over the past 4 years in Canada and the USA, offering unique and dramatic instruction to all levies of artists in the community .


Tattoo Society Cover shoot November 2014 Missy Ink - Artist profile / interview May 2015

Invited Lecturer at:

York University, Fine Arts Program

Public Art

2017 Upcoming- RGB Festival, Rome Italy, Dreamscape
2017 Upcoming- Amsterdam Festival of Lights , Enlighten,
2016 Amsterdam Festival of Lights: Dancing with Trees, interactive installation 2015 Curator -Enlighten, 2015 Scotiabank Contact Festival

Project management including, photography, art direction, estimating / quoting, managing material production, coordinating staff, and execution, for Revprint Studio, Production Studio or as sales manager for Global Imaging.

Rogers Centre

Manufactured and installed indoor floor and wall graphics though out stadium.

Steam Whistle

Printed and installed graphics on Fleet including antique vehicles, as well as some out-of-home advertising.

The Canadian National Exhibition

Manufactured and installed many graphics for CNE, including, Princes’ Gates, Food building and all collateral for Coca-cola branding.


Handled the execution of branding within the Distillery District. Such as, outdoor freestanding archways, and banners.

Duke Pubs

Photograph and produce content for a 30 ft mural on First Canadian Place and edit and install in under two weeks from first meeting.

Canada’s Wonderland

Manufactured and installed multiple elements of colourful outdoor branding (sometimes interactive) for Coca-cola related products.


Manufactured information booths, public information signs that depict upcoming projects and printed hording.

Job Title

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