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Why do I need new headshots?

Why do I need new head shots? Why should I spend money on a photographer when I can take my own photo?

The reasons today to invest in a photographer for your head shots is growing , with every social and business website requiring a headshot to identify you , it is a good idea to put your best face forward and portray the best you possible.

With photo files being the most uploaded and shared file type online and more images being produced and shared each year ,your images need to stand out in a crowd and represent you as a person in a glance. Your Avatar or head shot is your personal store front and helps people recognize and identify you, definitely not an image to leave to chance or to create carelessly as a selfie in an elevator etc.

Photographers use their tools to shape and form light onto you to make sure you make a good impression and look great in your picture. Trust a trained professional photographer with your head shots and see how fast the new images will help you in the business world and on social media.

And yes I even had my headshot shot by another photographer as I needed a solid image to use as a avatar. Call your local photographer for a headshot today and invest in yourself!

Also drop me a line if you would like to schedule a headshot session with me, I have been shooting client head shots for over 20 years.

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