Artfully lit images

Commercial and Portrait Photography Services.

Let your image tell your story


Artfully Lit images of you


Let your Portrait tell your story. We will artfully craft and shape light to create a wonderful picture of you that will speak volumes about you and your life.  Don't settle for less, you are definately worth it and investing in a great portrait is a wise purchase.


Increase sales and get noticed


Show your customers you mean business. Let us craft your message into your product shoot and help you get a clear and focussed image to your clients.
Investing in eye catching images that appeal to your clients will improve your sales and increase customer awareness of your product or service


Imagine the possibilities

Large Format Imaging Services

From Murals to Vehicle was let us quote your next out of home advertising project. We not only shoot images we create eye catching finished projects like the one above for Kijiji.


Lighting and studio facilitation

Studio & lighting Services

You are the photographer! Phil Sutherland will set up any lighting request in studio for you, you bring your camera and creativity, we handle the lighting and even the suggested camera settings to acheive the look you request.

Available Hours

By appointment only
Mon - Fri: 7am-11pm
Sat: 7am-12pm
Sun: 11am-11pm



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